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Blood Pressure Tracking:
Free Templates for Graphing Blood Pressure
and Pulse Rate in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice.org Calc

Click to see Newest Versions for One Month

Click on a graph below to go to another page with a larger image and where you can download the
Blood Pressure Tracker form to record your own blood pressure and pulse rate (heart rate), plus get instructions and
download the example.  These files are in Excel .xls format and can be opened using Microsoft Excel or the free OpenOffice.org
spreadsheet "Calc."  To download the free OpenOffice Suite go to http://download.openoffice.org/.

Free Blood Pressure Charts

One Week, Once per Day

One Week, Twice per Day

Two Weeks, Once per Day

Two Weeks, Twice per Day

Three Weeks, Once per Day

Three Weeks, Twice per Day

One Month, Once per Day

One Month, Twice per Day

As an additional feature in the One Month downloads, graphs of Four-Day Running Averages
for Blood Pressure values and Pulse Rate are also provided.

Comments Received:

Bunbury, Western Australia: Thank you for creating & sharing the Blood Pressure Tracking Excel templates.  It is very much appreciated.

Montreal, Canada: Thank you so much for the free templates to chart Blood Pressure (found using Google Search for Templates, OpenOffice and of course BP). I found them very useful. I used the "Once a Day for a Month" for six months last year to follow my own progress, printed out the color charts and provided them to my doctor. I downloaded it again today to help a friend chart hers for the next few months.

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia: I came across your site after a very exhaustive search for a graphing tool for my BP logs that I had created over the past 6 months.  Yours is just the tool I need.  THANKS SO MUCH

London, England: I would like to thank you for the BP charts on your site.  Great!  I have sheets and sheets of figures but the graphs are far more informative.  ( I am a retired architect and visual information means more to me. )


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