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Dr. Winstead's Current Local and World Standard
Percentage Metric Time Clock
(based on your computer's internal clock - see bottom of page on how to have your computer clock AUTOMATICALLY correctly updated easily on the Internet.)

IUP Biology
Current Local
 Percentage Metric Time
(See explanation below.)
Current World Standard
 Percentage Metric Time
(See explanation below.)

 Conventional Time

 Twenty-four Hour Time
World Reference
 Greenwich Mean Universal Time

         The Percentage Metric Time Clock gives the percentage of the day that has elapsed thus far. One day consists of 100 Percentage Metric Hours. One Percentage Metric Hour has 100 Percentage Metric Minutes (PMM) and One Percentage Metric Minute has 100 Percentage Metric Seconds (PMS), i.e., One PMM = 0.01 PMH and One PMS = 0.0001 PMH. One conventional hour = 4.167 Percentage Metric Hours and One Percentage Metric Hour (PMH)= 0.24 conventional hour, i.e., one PMH = almost a quarter conventional hour, i.e., one PMH = 14 conventional minutes plus 24 conventional seconds. One Percentage Metric Minute = 8.64 conventional seconds.
         Current World Standard Percentage Metric Time gives the current local Percentage Metric Time for Greenwich, England. This World Standard Percentage Metric Time is therefore comparable to the current Greenwich Mean Time and Universal Time that may be used as a reference point to insure communicating the exact same instant in time regardless of where a person is on earth. This means that the current World Standard Percentage Metric Time may be used for ease of communicating time around the world, e.g., for business purposes. For conventional Global Time Zones - Country by Country go to http://time.greenwich2000.com/local/all.htm.
Current Local
 Percentage Metric Time
(Percentage Metric Hours only)
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Check Out and Download Michael Jenkins' analog Centesimal Time Clock

(Percentage Metric Hours
and Percentage Metric Minutes)
(Percentage Metric Hours,
Percentage Metric Minutes,
and Percentage Metric Seconds)
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 Examples of Percentage Metric Time

Conventional Percentage Metric (PMH)
Midnight 0.00
1:00 AM 4.17
2:00 AM 8.33
3:00 AM 12.50
4:00 AM 16.67
5:00 AM 20.83
6:00 AM 25.00
7:00 AM 29.17
Conventional Percentage Metric (PMH)
8:00 AM 33.33
9:00 AM 37.50
10:00 AM 41.67
11:00 AM 45.83
Noon 50.00
1:00 PM 54.17
2:00 PM 58.33
3:00 PM 62.50
Conventional Percentage Metric (PMH)
4:00 PM 66.67
5:00 PM 70.83
6:00 PM 75.00
7:00 PM 79.17
8:00 PM 83.33
9:00 PM 87.50
10:00 PM 91.67
11:00 PM 95.83

To convert conventional time to Percentage Metric Time enter:
    the hour:
the minute:
the second:
enter the numeral 0 for AM or the numeral 1 for PM:

The corresponding Percentage Metric Time is o'clock.     

Number of Conventional Seconds Elapsed Today (out of 86,400)   

Check out a metric, wall clock made by Bob Wemer.

24 Hours?

         "The custom of dividing each day into 24 parts seems to have originated with the ancient Egyptians in about 3500 B.C.. They divided daylight and darkness into periods of 12 hours each. But this meant that the length of each hour changed during the year as the nights lengthened and shortened. It was Babylonian astronomers who, in about 300 B.C., adopted the now universal practice of making all 24 hours equal in length, regardless of when the sun rose or set. In Europe, however, equal hours did not become standard until about A.D. 1350, some 70 years after the introduction of mechanical clocks."
From Reader's Digest Book of Facts 1987.

Setting your computer's internal clock automatically on the Internet
         Your computer's internal clock very probably has the wrong (conventional) time! So, download software to AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE your computer clock on the Internet based on atomic clock time provided by the United States Department of Commerce Agency: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO). This will keep your computer clock accurate to within one second of "real" time. Do this by downloading the free software needed (only 221K) from http://www.boulder.nist.gov/timefreq/service/its.htm. Note the download options for different computer systems on the right side of the page. I also strongly recommend that you download the instructions (PDF format - 230K) to correctly configure the software (but the instructions are actually behind the newer software version). You may either set it up to run every time your computer is turned on and/or to check periodically after so many hours (for permanent Internet connections), or put a shortcut on your desktop to run it manually occasionally, e.g. if you use a modem. In this way you really will be assured that you have the correct Current Local and World Standard Percentage Metric Time!

Note: Ray L. Winstead is the originator of this Percentage Metric Time Clock and author of the javascript application.
© February 9, 2000 by Ray L. Winstead. All rights reserved.

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