Dr. Ray L. Winstead
Professor of Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Download Dr. Winstead's Percentage Metric Time Clock

Download Desktop version of Dr. Winstead's Percentage Metric Time Clock
(Freeware - 4KB Zip File)

(Actual size screen window of desktop version 1.01 below:)

Note: See explanatory information about the similar clock on this web site written in JavaScript at Dr. Winstead's Percentage Metric Time Clock. Information about the clock is also available by clicking on the "O'clock" button underneath the numbers on the desktop version. After downloading the file into a hard drive folder, consider putting a shortcut file in your Windows startup folder. You can move the clock anywhere on the screen.

Note: For older computers you may need to update your Microsoft Visual Basic Run-Time files in order to run this program written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. If you get an error message (e.g. that you need the newer file msvbvm60.dll), then download VBRun60.exe directly from Microsoft (1,030KB) onto a floppy. Double-clicking on this file will automatically update several of your outdated computer files with no interaction from you. In addition to being able to run the Percentage Metric Time Clock program, your computer will probably run more recent programs more efficiently.

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Dr. Ray L. Winstead
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