Dr. Ray L. Winstead
Professor of Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Winstead’s Summer 2012
General Biology I Lab Schedule

M June 4 Taxonomy and Tree Identification
W June 6 Quantitative Vegetation Analysis I (Outside)

F June 8

Quantitative Vegetation Analysis II (Inside)

M June 11

Trophic Levels / Diversity I (Outside)

W June 13

Trophic Levels / Diversity II (Inside)

F June 15

Stream Ecology  (Outside)

M June 18

Genetics Problems I

W June 20 Genetics Problems II

F June 22

Variation Lab or Evolution Simulation Lab

M June 25

Supplemental Reading Report

W June 27

Classification / Evolution
(Lab grade based on work in lab)

        Your lab grade will be based on

              I.  Two lab reports for a total of 30 lab points:

                a) Quantitative Vegetation Analysis - 20 lab points (The final report for this lab is due Monday June 18th.)
                b) Trophic Levels / Diversity  - 10 lab points (The final report for this lab is due Monday June 18th.)

             II. Seven lab tests (10 lab points each):

                a) Taxonomy and Tree Identification (lab test Friday June 8th).
                b) Trophic Levels / Diversity I (lab test Wednesday June 13th).
                c) Stream Ecology (lab test Monday June 18th).
                d) Genetics Problems I (lab test Wednesday June 20th).
                e) Genetics Problems II (lab test Friday June 22nd).
                f) Variation Lab or Evolution Simulation Lab (lab test Monday June 25th).
                g) Classification / Evolution (Actually, this lab grade is based on work in lab and there is no separate test.)

                    The lowest grade of these seven tests will be dropped for a total of 60 lab points in this section.

            III. Supplemental Reading Assignment (20 lab points).  Due next-to-last lab on Monday June 25th.

Special Notes:

a) The lab schedule and lab test schedule is subject to change based on the weather, however plan to attend lab whatever the weather.  (For example, if an indoor follow-up lab is scheduled and the weather is good, then we may do the next outdoor lab and do the follow-up, indoor lab later.)

b) Your final lab grade will be a percentage of the 110 points as outlined above.  

c) In general, a lab test will be given at the beginning of a lab on a preceding lab.  Each lab test will count 10 lab points and will consist of questions in different formats, depending on the material. 

d) The lab grade counts 25% of your final course grade.  

e) You may take an essay makeup test for any lab test you miss during the course (with the one exception noted) at the end of your next-to-last lab of the course, i.e., when the class has finished with the supplemental reading oral presentations. 

f) A person arriving late for lab has missed the lab test if the first lab test paper has been handed in already.

g) A penalty will be incurred for a lab report being turned in late.

h) Your lab grade for the Classification and Evolution lab will be based on your work in the lab, will count as one lab test, and no makeup for this lab is available.

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