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Biology Careers and Job Searches Starting Point

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Information on Careers and Career Options in Biology

Information on Careers in Biology (Emporia State University)
The Biology Careers Page (Furman University)
Comprehensive Overviews and Outlooks of Careers
from the U.S. Department of Labor

Search Occupational Outlook Handbook near upper right.
American Institute of Biological Sciences
Environmental Consulting Career Advice
The Riley Guide - Employment Opportunities and Job Resources
e.g., Preparing for a Job Search
e.g., Networking, Interviewing, & Negotiating
e.g., Salary Guides & Guidance
e.g., Links of Job Interview Tips, e.g., Science Employment Links
City Town Info (CTI) Career Descriptions, Data, and Schools
Medical School Success
Advice from a current medical student
Specific University and College Faculty Salaries

Job Searches in Biology - Biology Jobs

IUP Career Development Center
Pennsylvania Employment Opportunities
State Job Banks: Interactive National Map
Careerjet.com (MetaSearch)
AAAS - journal Science BiologyJobs.Com
BioSpace.com  careerbuilder
 Cool Works   Job.com
 Monster.com  MonsterCollege
 NationJob.com  New Scientist Jobs
 The Scientist: Careers US.TipTopJob.com
The Riley Guide - Job Listings by Discipline
(See lower half of page)
The Riley Guide - Job Banks & Recruiting Sites
(Extensive List)

Positions in Education

Pa-Educator.Net - Open Teaching Positions in Pennsylvania
National Public School and School District Locator
The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network
Academic Careers Online
(Teaching and administrative jobs at colleges, universities, and research institutes.)
Academic360.com - University and College Biology Faculty Positions
BrainTrack University & College Directory
e.g. by career


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