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Alcohol and Your College Experience

High-Risk College Drinking Consequences

FAQs on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

How to Cut Down on Your Drinking

College Drinking - Alcohol Information

Presented by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol Information Center
(Includes many categories and articles)

Statistics on Alcohol

Alcohol Screening.org : "How Much is Too Much?"

Binge Drinking and Your Health

Recovery Connection
e.g., Addiction Recovery - Alcohol Abuse
e.g., Alcoholism

e.g., Are You an Alcoholic? - Self Administered Alcoholism Test
(Recommended by staff and campers at Camp Price, Prentice, Wisconsin)

Drug and Alcohol Assistance Guide
(Recommended by Rachel and Ms. Deb Ward's Class, Delaware)

"How to Say NO to Drugs!" and other articles
(Recommended by Kim and Olivia Carmine for Girl Scouts)

"Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart"
(Recommended by students of Courtney Phillips,
After School Care Programs, El Paso County, Colorado)

Alcohol Withdrawal

The Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration
e.g., Stop Underage Drinking

Addiction Treatment and Your Health Insurance Coverage

DUI & DWI: What Happens to My Insurance?
(Recommended by Jennifer Allen)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Fighting the High Rates of Addiction
(Recommended by Keri and Reese Evans)

         "The university expects all members of the community to recognize the potential for abuse of alcohol whenever it is consumed. Such abuse is absolutely inimical to the mission of the university. Alcohol consumption will not be considered an excuse for misconduct but rather as an aggravating factor to the misconduct in question." "Since IUP students live among the permanent residents of the Indiana community, the university also expects alcohol-related behavior to be in accordance with local community standards. Such standards are not tolerant of gatherings which are either boisterous or in violation of Pennsylvania alcohol laws, as may occur in concentrated residential environments characterized by student housing. The university reserves the right to initiate disciplinary proceedings when students violate alcohol laws either on or off campus."  See IUP Alcohol Policy in The Source.

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