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Dr. Jerry L. Pickering

Professor of Biology

Indiana Univ. of PA


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Office: (724) 357-2356
Biology Department Office: (724) 357-2352
FAX: (724) 357-5700


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212A Weyandt Hall
Department of Biology
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705

Professional Interests and Formal Education

Field: Plant systematics, Curator A. G. Shields Herbarium.

         My research interests are in plant systematics. Chemotaxonomy, especially comparative protein chemistry, has been my primary area of interest in plant systematics. A second area of interest involves the use of constructed wetlands to treat acid mine drainage. In the past several years numerous wetlands have been constructed throughout the Appalachians as a means of improving water quality of mine drainage seeps to meet government regulated standards. Questions concerning the construction, function, and long term efficiency of these wetlands still need to be answered. Most recently, I have concentrated my efforts in instructional technology, specifically, the use of computer based interactive video (CBIV) as an instructional tool.

B.S.   - 1964 Iowa State University
M.S. - 1966 Rutgers University
Ph.D. - 1969 Rutgers University

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