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Dr. Gary M. Ferrence

Professor of Biology

Indiana Univ. of PA


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Office: (724) 357-2588
Biology Department Office: (724) 357-2352
FAX: (724) 357-5700


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124 Weyandt Hall
Department of Biology
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705

Professional Interests and Formal Education
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Field: Science Education, Pennsylvania Elk Ecology

          Interested in Conservation/Environmental Education. Presently teaching Conservation of Plant and Animal Resources and Fundamentals of Environmental Biology. Research interests are focused on the acquisition of a better understanding of the natural history of the free ranging elk herd in Pennsylvania. Willing to present seminars on the origin and evolution of elk in North America as well as the natural history of elk in Pennsylvania.

B.S.   - 1962 Kutztown University
             Major: Comprehensive Science.
M.A.T. - 1966 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
             Major: Earth Science.
Ed.D. - 1968 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
             Major: Science Education.

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