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BIOL261 Ornithology Main Lecture Topics - Spring 2013

BIOL261 Ornithology Information

Text and Sample of Ornithology Resources

        Text by Frank B. Gill: Ornithology Third Edition 2006, Published by W. H. Freeman and Company, ISBN-13: 978-0716749837

        Main Lecture Topics and Text Readings:

        Introduction to Birds
                Characteristics and Adaptations (Chapter 1)
                Evolution Context and Sexual Selection (Chapter 12)
                Species Niche and Niche Partitioning (Chapters 20 and 21)

        Evolutionary History of Birds (Chapter 2)

        Feathers (Chapter 4)

        Flight (Chapter 5)

        Respiration (Chapter 6)

        Circulation (Chapter 6)

        Digestion (Chapter 6)

        Nervous System and Senses (Chapter 7)

        Territoriality (Chapter 11)

        Avian Mating Systems (Chapters 12 and 13)


        Various Topics in Student Oral Reports

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