Dr. Ray L. Winstead
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BIOL261 Ornithology Information - Spring 2013

Text and Sample of Ornithology Resources

Main Lecture Topics and Text Readings

Student Presentations


   I. Lecture Tests – 3 lecture tests weighted 45% of the course grade (each weighted 15%):

Test 1: Friday March 1st during first part of lab, covering lecture material Monday January 28th - Monday February 25th.
Test 2: Friday April 5th during first part of lab, covering lecture material Wednesday February 27th - Wednesday April 3rd.
Test 3: Monday May 13th starting at 12:30 PM during the exam period covering lecture material Monday April 8th - Wednesday May 8th.

Special Schedule Notes for your planning ahead:
For partial replacement of required, long weekend trip, Friday labs on March 15th and March 29th are canceled, as well as lecture on Monday May 6th.

 II. Student Oral Presentation – weighted 10% of the course grade

     The student oral presentation may be on any topic in ornithology and is to be based on at least two research journal articles that are related to each other.  The oral presentation should give an overview introduction of the topic, followed by explanations of research objectives, methods, results, and conclusions.  Definitions of terminology used should be given throughout as needed.  The presentation should be planned for fifteen minutes long, including a short time allocated for questions and comments from the rest of the class.  The rest of the class has the responsibility of asking questions and commenting on topics at appropriate times.  The oral presentations will begin April 8th.  Begin working on this project NOW! 

III. Student Written Paper – weighted 10% of the course grade

The student written paper is to be a written version of the oral presentation and is due at the same time as the oral presentation.  In addition, separate from the paper itself, the student is responsible for providing 4 questions and answers to be a part of the third test during the exam period.  These questions and answers are to be provided to the rest of the class by the presenter in the form of a handout to every student.  The questions and answers should be of the short answer/essay type.  Begin working on this project NOW! 

  IV. Lab – weighted 30% of the course grade

        (A) Lab Tests and Lab Reports
                Each individual assignment will be graded separately and then the scores for the different assignments will be weighted
                    10% of the course grade.

                1. Lab Tests
This will include such tests as
                     Bird identification in the lab and field
                     Selected Orders and Families of birds and associated examples
                     Identification of selected bird songs

                2. Lab Reports
                     This will include, for example, a report of procedures and results of analysis of Internet data, e.g., Audubon Bird Count results.

        (B) Weekend Field Trip to Coast of Virginia Friday, Saturday, Sunday - May 3, 4, 5, 2013.
                 Participation and a written synopsis of the trip (including a bird list) will count 20% of the course grade.
Because of the importance of this trip to the entire course, if you think you will be unable to attend this trip, then drop the course immediately.

   V. Participation – weighted 5% of the course grade
        This will be based on participation in all aspects of the course, e.g., ACTIVE participation in all labs and asking appropriate questions and
        making appropriate comments at appropriate times, e.g., as a part of another student’s oral presentation.


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