Dr. Ray L. Winstead
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General Biology I Lab Schedule Fall 2011

August 30, September 1 No Lab
September 6, 8 Taxonomy and Tree Identification
September 13, 15 Food Chains, Food Webs, Trophic Levels

September 20, 22

Population Biology I

September 27, 29

Population Biology II  

October 4, 6

Stream Ecology

October 11, 13

The Cell

October 18, 20

Cells and Osmosis

October 25, 27 Fermentation

November 1, 3

Inheritance I – Genetics Problems  

November 8, 10

Inheritance II – Genetics Problems

November 15, 17

Classification and Evolution
(Lab grade based on work in lab)

November 22, 24

No Lab: Thanksgiving Week

November 29, December 1

The Evolution Game

December 6, 8

Supplemental Reading Assignment

        In general, a lab test will be given at the beginning of each lab on the preceding lab.  Each lab test will be worth 10 lab points and will consist of questions in different formats, depending on the material.  Twelve lab tests will be given and the lowest score will be dropped - giving 110 lab points for those tests.  (However, your lab grade for the Classification and Evolution lab will be based on your work in the lab, will count as one lab test, and no lab test will be given the following lab.)  The supplemental reading assignment is due during the last lab period and is worth 25 lab points.  Your final lab grade will be a percentage score based on the total of 135 lab points, i.e., your lab grade will be (lab points earned)/135.  (Note that the supplemental reading assignment counts 25/135 = 18.52% of your lab grade.)  The lab grade counts 25% of your final course grade.  (No lab test on the previous lab will be given on October 4th or 6th to give more time for the Stream Ecology Lab, however TWO lab tests will then be given at the beginning of the next lab on October 11th  or 13th.)  Although makeup tests are not available for the lecture part of the course, you may take an essay makeup test for any lab test you miss during the semester at the end of your last lab of the semester, i.e., when the class has finished with the supplemental reading oral presentations.  A person arriving late for lab has missed the lab test if the first lab test paper has been handed in already.

Note: The lab schedule is subject to change based on the weather, however plan to attend lab whatever the weather.

Supplemental Reading Assignment: Your Inner Fish 2009 by Neil Shubin (ISBN: 0307277453).  See separate set of instructions.

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