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BIOL104 General Biology II Information

BIOL104 General Biology II Spring Syllabus:
Grading, Readings, and Test Schedule

Lab Schedule For My Lab Sections
Supplemental Reading Assignment For My Lab Sections

Other Lecture and Lab Handouts
Some Recommendations on Study Techniques
Pig Lab - Selected Anatomical Structures and Functions
Pig Lab - Online Website
Human Circulatory System - Blood Pressure
Animal Behavior
Relative Importance of Animal Behavior Components
Winter Field Trip
Human Female Reproduction Hormone Control
Quantitative Vegetation Analysis
Lifestyle Recommendations for Long Term Health
Relative Sizes Lab Work Sheet
Endangered Animals
Food Labels Lab Outline and Instructions file
Food Labels Lab xls file
(May need to download to open.)
How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label
(In .mht archive format for MS Internet Explorer only - download and then click compatibility icon to the right of URL address -
or see website at FDA directly. )

Final Course Grades

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Dr. Winstead's Current Local and World Standard Percentage Metric Time Clock

Dr. Winstead's Nintendo DS Battery Indicator Light Solution for Color Blind (Color Deficient) Users
Dr. Winstead's Blood Pressure Tracker:  Free Templates for Graphing Blood Pressure in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc

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