"My Dear Daddy"
Lucille Minshew


The following poem was written by Lucille Minshew Walston (January 18, 1917 - March 11, 1988) on the death of her father William Lee Minshew, Sr. (November 3, 1882 - January 24, 1936).
Lucille Minshew Walston was the sister of Josephine Minshew Winstead, wife of E. D. Winstead.

"My Dear Daddy"
Lucille Minshew

We had a dear old daddy
Who loved us all so well,
And we loved him too
More than tongue can ever tell

He was always true and faithful,
Was loyal and was kind,
He was the best daddy in all the world
The best you can ever find.

God took him from us one Friday evening.
Oh! how sad and terrible it seems,
But we know that he is in heaven
With the brightest and sunnyest moonbeams.

God has his soul in Heaven
Has laid him down to rest.
We, and all our friends, did love him,
But we know that the Lord loved him best.

He suffered many days and nights,
And told us all the dreams he had,
And where he wanted to be burried.
Oh! It was just too awful and too sad.

One day he thought that he had died,
And saw Jesus in the face.
He woke and found himself alive and said,
"What a miracle, but it was such a happy place."

He left us all so heartbroken and lonesome,
And left the sweetest and dearest Mother.
Yes, there are many more of us -
Five sisters and a little brother.

But we will do the best we can,
For David always tended to his sheep
We know that God will be with us and
Will some day lay us down to sleep.

So until that beautiful day doth come
May we follow our Father's straight and likeness step
To carry on his work as it should be,
And let God guide and help.

By daughter - Lucille Minshew

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