Autobiographical Narrative,
including Twenty-Four Years of U. S. Army Service
by Elton D. ("E. D.") Winstead
June 14, 2001; Fall, 1994; August 23, 2006


Table of Contents

Part 1: The Early Years in Wilson, NC Through
             Enlistment in the U. S. Army 1934

Part 2: Enlistment in the U. S. Army 1934 through
             Pearl Harbor Day 1941

Part 3: Pearl Harbor Day 1941, Prisoner of War
             for almost three years, through the end of
             World War II 1945

              EDW Speech about 1939 - 1945 given Fall 1994
                             "I did survive - and I think with integrity and honor."

              American Prisoners of War in the Philippine Islands
                         Office of the Provost Marshal General Report
                                  November 19, 1945

              An account of the fate of American prisoners of war from the time they were
                        captured until they were established in fairly permanent camps

Part 4: U. S. Army Service through Retirement

Part 5: Doctorate from Duke University and
              Professor at Atlantic Christian College

Part 6: Retirement from Atlantic Christian College
              1977 through Present


Some Past Addresses

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