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E. D. Winstead's father Frank Jefferson Winstead about 1939 at the farm in Wilson, North Carolina.
Note the biographical narrative below.

Frank Jefferson Winstead
Biographical Narrative by son E. D. Winstead c. 1984

        Frank Jefferson Winstead was born 26 April 1884 and died 7 September 1974.  He was the son of John Lugeness and Viola Leigh Winstead.  He was born and grew up on a farm in Nash County.  As a young teenager, he was the leader and fiddler of a dance band, but discontinued his activities with the band when he joined Mt. Zion Methodist Church.  Until he was about nineteen years old he worked on the farm and helped with the house chores.  After his mother's death, he took over all of the cooking and housework for the next two years.

        Viola, Frank's mother, had been a school teacher in Toisnot before she and John were married.  She taught Frank at home and did a good job.  After he was twenty-one years old and away from home, he attended school for parts of two years at New Hope.  He had very little formal education, but it would be a mistake to label him as uneducated.  He had an excellent command of the language and was a whiz at arithmetic.  his mother was a major influence in shaping his personality, character, and moral standards.

        Shortly after he was twenty-one years old, he left home and went to work for Wiley W. Farmer.  The next year Frank and Nettie Moore Strickland, daughter of Edward Day and Laura Finch Strickland, were married.  In the fall of 1907, Frank and Nettie moved to Wilson and Frank went to work for Singer Sewing Machine Company.  The next year they moved to Johnston County and farmed for one season, and moved back to Wilson.  For a number of years Frank worked as a salesman and clerk for Young's Mercantile Company, Gay Brothers Dry Goods, and P. L. Woodard and Company.  He also operated a grocery store with Otis Winborne and later his own grocery store.  He also operated a restaurant.  During most of the time there were other interest and business activities such as farming and dairying.  The family moved to various locations in Wilson until he bought a house and two lots on Gold Street.  He built a house on the corner lot in 1919 and remained at that location until he moved to his farm on Tilghman road in the early 1930s.

        The four children of Frank and Nettie Winstead were:  Frank Ollin, born 11 June 1908, married first Annie Eliza Brinkley on 28 April 1928 and second Agnes Martin Skillen on 12 Octobr 1972;  Geraldine Moore, born 21 September 1909, died 16 March 1916;  Elton Dewitt, born x x 1913; married Josephine Walsh Minshew on 2 September 1938;  Clara Moore, born 4 November 1917, married first Edward Lee Griggs, Junior on 16 May 1937, and second Hampton Causey Williams on 26 October 1980.

        Until the late 1960s Frank delivered eggs to customers in town.  On Saturday, he would go to town with a delivery, and one could depend on his getting back home much later.  He loved to visit with friends and customers down town.  Ray, one of his grandsons, loved to go with him.  As he grew older he slowed down somewhat, but continued working in his garden, and doing other chores around the farm, until 1972.  He became ill and was in and out of the hospital a number of times.  He died on 7 September 1974 at the age of 90.  He lived a useful, rewarding life, had many friends, no known enemies, was dearly loved by family and friends, and is sorely missed.

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