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Dr. Anthony J. Nastase

Professor of Biology

Indiana Univ. of PA


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Office: (724) 357-2993
Biology Department Office: (724) 357-2352
FAX: (724) 357-5700


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10 Weyandt Hall
Department of Biology
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705

Professional Interests and Formal Education
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Field: Behavioral ecology, avian behavior, plant/animal interactions.

         My research involves two tracks: 1) The evolutionary aspects of avian behavior of free-flying colonial breeders, with special interest in the evolution of mating systems. I have investigated two monogamous species Branta canadensis (Canada goose) and Hirundo rustica (barn swallow) and two colonial species Riparia riparia (bank swallow) and Petrochelidon pyrrhonota (cliff swallow), with special interest in extra-pair copulations and brood parasitism. Also I'm currently conducting behavioral research on polygynous/polyandrous species Rhea americana and Pterocnema pennata. 2) My research also involves the population dynamics and mutualistic relationships of Sarracenia purpurea, S. flava (pitcher plants) and their insect inhabitants Wyeomyia smithii, Metriocnemus knabii and Blaesoxipha fletcheri and other visitors.

B.S.   - 1968 Indiana Univ. of Pa, Indiana, PA
M.Ed. - 1969 Indiana Univ. of Pa, Indiana, PA
Ph.D. - 1983 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

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