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IUP Biology alumnus and former President of the American College of Sports Medicine Dr. Larry Kenney is honored at IUPís First Annual Exercise Science Symposium.

Dr. Andy Browe, Dr. Ray Winstead, and Dr. Larry Kenney

        In the photo are shown retired IUP biology professor Dr. Andy Browe, IUP biology professor Dr. Ray Winstead, and former IUP student Dr. Larry Kenney on the occasion of Dr. Kenney being honored by the IUP Exercise Science Club and the IUP Department of Health and Physical Education on April 13, 2012.   Dr. Kenney is currently a Professor of Physiology and Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University and was the invited speaker at IUP's First Annual Exercise Science Symposium.  Dr. Kenney graduated from IUP with a bachelor's degree (1978) and a master's degree (1980) in biology.  He then went on to earn his Ph.D. degree from Penn State University in Physiology in 1983.  Dr. Kenney is former President of the American College of Sports Medicine and has extensive research experience in the area of environmental and exercise physiology, particularly human thermoregulation, skin blood flow, and the biophysics of heat exchange.  Dr. Kenney had specifically requested that Dr. Browe (his physiology professor) and Dr. Winstead (his biostatistics professor) attend, and during his talk Dr. Kenney made complimentary comments about IUP and his former biology professors.


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