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        Retired Biology Professor Bill Forbes died November 3, 2005 at 65 years of age.  The photo above was taken about 2001 in his IUP office.  (For another photo in 1977 see and in 1983 see   Dr. William R. Forbes taught embryology, general biology, and a specialized course about wolves.  He was especially interested in the study of wolves and developed the website "The Searching Wolf" found at  He was also interested in Hypertext Technology, Computer Biosimulations and Computer Self-Regulatory Control Systems.  He was the first person in the Department of Biology to have a personal computer and was helpful as the primary computer resource person in the department for many years.  He always had many computers and ran an Internet Bulletin Board service from his office.  In the 1970's he did research on axolotls in his lab.   He became a world renown expert on the care and maintenance of axolotl colonies, and people from around the world contacted him for his advice.  In spite of his difficulties with vision, he really liked books and was one of the most well-read professors in the department.  He will be missed.

B.A.  - 1962 Indianapolis University, Indianapolis, Indiana         
        Major: Biology  
M.A.  - 1965 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana        
        Major: Zoology  
Ph.D. - 1969 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana  
        Major: Zoology (Endocrinology)


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