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Biology Department


List of Faculty Members and Secretaries Spring 1999

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Chairperson Dr. W. B. Butler

Assistant Chairperson Dr. R. D. Hinrichsen

Secretary Ms. Patty Seigworth

Secretary Ms. Deena Kelly


Area of Interest

Dr. Alico, R.K. RAlico@grove.iup.edu Microbiology
Dr. Andrew, A.T. ATAndrew@grove.iup.edu Microbiology
Dr. Ayebo, A. Ayebo@grove.iup.edu Environmental health
Dr. Bharathan, N. Bharathn@grove.iup.edu Plant-microbe interactions
Dr. Brenneman, W. WBrneman@grove.iup.edu Freshwater biology, especially fish
Dr. Browe, A.C. ACBrowe@grove.iup.edu Human physiology, especially altitude effects
Dr. Butler, W. B. BButler@grove.iup.edu Cell biology and cancer therapy
Dr. Ciskowski, G.J. Cisko@grove.iup.eduMicrobiology
Dr. Dietrich, W.E. Dietrich@grove.iup.edu Biochemistry and cell biology
Dr. Ferrence, G.M. Ferenc@grove.iup.edu
Science education, PA elk ecology
Dr. Forbes, W.R. Wolf@grove.iup.edu
General biology and wolf ecology
Dr. Gendron, R.P. RGendron@grove.iup.edu
Behavioral and evolutionary ecology
Dr. Hinrichsen, R.D. BHinrich@grove.iup.edu Genetics and cellular behavior
Dr. Hulse, A.C. NTCC@grove.iup.edu Systematic and ecological herpetology
Dr. Humphreys, J.G. JGHumfrz@grove.iup.edu Zoonotic diseases
Area of Interest

Mrs. Jack, M. MJack@grove.iup.edu General biology, cell biology
Dr. Keogh, D.P. DPKeog@grove.iup.edu Aquatic and ecotoxicology
Dr. Kesner, M.H. MKesner@grove.iup.edu Population and community ecology
Dr. Linzey, A. AVLinzey@grove.iup.edu
Population and community ecology
Dr. Lord, T.R. TRLord@grove.iup.edu Education and environmental science
Dr. Luciano, C.S. Luciano@grove.iup.edu Molecular biology, plant virology, genetics
Dr. McAllister, J. A. JMcA@grove.iup.edu Paleobiology, physiology, anatomy
Dr. Nastase, A.J. TNastase@grove.iup.edu Behavioral ecology and avian behavior
Dr. Newell, S.J. SJNewell@grove.iup.edu Population ecology, especially plants
Dr. Peard, T.L. TPeard@grove.iup.edu
Education and freshwater jellyfish
Dr. Peterson, R. RPeterso@grove.iup.edu Embryonic growth rates
Dr. Pickering, J.L. JLPicker@grove.iup.edu
Plant systematics
Dr. Pistole, D. DPistole@grove.iup.edu Physiological ecology of vertebrates
Ms. Schellinger, N. NancyS@microserve.net General biology
Dr. Simmons, T. W. TSimmons@grove.iup.edu Environmental health, Aquatic toxicology
Dr. Winstead, R.L. RWinstea@grove.iup.edu
Biostatistics, ecology, ornithology
Dr. Wolin, J. A. JWolin@grove.iup.edu Aquatic biology

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