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BIOL 104 Human Biology Lab Handouts



Introduction to the Lab.
Introduction to Reflexes and Reactions
Introduction to Biopac (pages 1 - 4, Biopac #11)

Biopac: Electricity in the Body
Reflexes and Reactions Lab
Reaction Time Data Sheet for Reaction Sticks
2 Reactions (pages 1 - 4, Biopac #11)
Descriptive Statistics
Reaction Time Data Sheet for Biopac
Comparing Groups with the t-test and F Test
Introduction to Variation, Mean, Variance,
    and Standard Deviation



Electromyography: Motor Unit Recruitment (pages 5 - 6, EMG 1 - Biopac #1)
Electromyography: Mechanical Work ( pages 7 - 8, EMG 2 - Biopac #2)

Biopac #1
Biopac #2



Neuroanatomy and Electroencephalography: Brain Rhythms
(pages 9 - 12, EEG - Biopac #5-6)

Biopac #5
Biopac #6
Outline of the Nervous System


Sensing the Environment.  Electrooculogram (pages 13 - 34, EOG - Biopac #8)

Biopac #8
Human Receptors


Lung Function. (pages 35 - 47)

Respiratory System
Lung Capacity Volumes
Lung Lab Report Information


Biofeedback (pages 67 - 68, Biopac #9)

Biopac #9
Peripheral Nervous System
Electrocardiogram Components


Checking Your Vital Signs. (pages 49 - 63)


Blood Pressure
(RLW's  Blood Pressure Tracking Website)
9 Electrocardiography (pages 65 - 66, ECG - Biopac #3) Biopac #3
Heart and Circulatory System
Pathway of Blood through the Heart
Electrocardiogram Components



Reading Food Labels


Food Labels Lab Outline and Instructions
USDA Old Food Pyramid
USDA Newer Food Pyramid
USDA "Choose My Plate"
FDA website: Reading a Food Label
(Or Download backup .mht archive
   format for Internet Explorer
, i.e., Right Click .mht
   archive link above and Save Target As
   "foodlabelsinfo.mht" - e.g., to the Desktop, then open
   the .mht file in Internet Explorer)
Food Labels Lab xls file
Nutrition / Food Label Data For Specific Foods

(Digestive System)



Effects of Drinking Alcohol, Smoking Cigarettes, Smoking Marijuana,
and Taking Anabolic Steroids

Effects of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Marijuana, Anabolic Steroids Handout for Lab


Human Genetics (pages 73 - 86)

Human Genetics Lab Addendum
          (Answers to Addendum Genetics Problems)
Epigenetics Handout
          Link to three videos about epigenetics
          Link to additional information about epigenetics



Supplemental Reading Assignment Due


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